The Santa Lucia Jul Festival 2018, hosted by The Scandinavian Club of Hawaii.


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During the cocktail hour, Glogg is made available to the guests. Glogg is spiced, sweetened and heated wine served with raisins and nuts. Introductions are made of the club officers.
Often times the MC will relate jokes about Danes, Swedes and Norwegians. The dinner will vary although it normally includes a salad, roast pork, potatoes, and vegetables. It always ends with a rice pudding. The rice pudding sometimes contains an almond. Tradition holds that the person who receives the rice pudding with the almond will get married next year.
The MC leads the guests in the singing of Christmas Carols. The 12 days of Christmas is often sung with different tables taking different stanzas of the song.
The Santa Lucia Pageant is held where the lights are dimmed.
The narrator heads up to the podium and tells the story of Santa Lucia, a Christian Roman girl who was seized and tortured for ministering to the poor.
A file of girls and boys enters the room. The lead girl who represents Santa Lucia will wear candles in her hair.
The group sings the Santa Lucia song. They take a position at one area of the room and sing one Christmas song after another, then file out of the room.
The club offers a lottery of donated prizes, we play until we run out of donated gifts. Lucky numbers are called out during the event.

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