Midsummer Festival 2012





Midsummer Festival 2012 was a success! Thanks all of you for coming out and helping the Scandinavian Club of Hawaii celebrate Midsummer! Below is a quick synopsis of the Midsummer Festival 2012 potluck. What a blast! Thank you Blue Stone! It was very nice to see and welcome all new Guests and Members; about 50 of You attended - what a nice surprise with about 22 families and individuals registered online, we thank you for registering, it was good to see you all again. The weather was perfect in Lanikai. The Lanikai Bunker Hike: The Bunker hike was absolutely awesome; with spectacular ocean views (bring polarized glasses (for the ocean)). The strong wind was nice and cool as it pushed up the mountain from the Pacific Ocean. The Bunker Hike took about 45 minutes which is nice and short to the first Bunker and many "tease-me" views of the second Bunker at the next mountain top. After a roped area end/beginning we headed back to Blue Stone for a dip in the pool and potluck lunch. Midsummer Festival 2012: The Midsummer Festival 2012 main event was fun! Guest and Members danced around the Maypole which was blessed by traditional dance music and decorated with foliage and flowers from around the island; for a fun filled calibration of the longest day of the year! We will miss you, as the days now get shorter and colder. The music for the dancing was also awesome! Afterwards, we played fun games for us kids, like Mummify-Me, Shaving Cream Relay and Three Legged Two Headed One Balloon Race. Great day all around! I did not take any photos; however, many Guest and Members did and if they want to share them we may upload them for Members to see. Hope to see you at the next Main Event, check the Upcoming Events block. My goal is to have 100 or more for next year's Midsummer Festival 2013, perhaps you can help me achieve my goal, let me know. To leave a comment, please login first. Mahalo!