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Dear Scandinavian Club, I will be celebrating Christmas on Oahu and would like to cook a traditional Danish meal for my family. Is there anywhere on Oahu where it is possible to get a pork roast with the rind on? Grateful for any help you can give! Thanks, Lasse

Knut Gjerseth Olsen (knut

I received this message and putting it here to let the community know.  If you can help please contact Knut Gjerseth Olsen by listed email.


Knut Gjerseth Olsen ( sent a message using the contact
form at

I am a Norwegian documentary writer. I am currently working on a project
along with photographer Kristian Jacobsen where we aim to find traces of the
19th century norwegian emigration to Hawaii. In 1891 two ships with norwegian
workers arrived. They where going to work on plantations, and we want to tell
the story of what happened to them - and their decendants. We are curious to
meet anyone who decends from the 1891 workers.

We are especially interested in the Hansens desease-patients at Kalaupapa
settlement. I found in statistics that quite a few of the patients are of
norwegian decendancy, and I am curious to find out more about this.

We plan to arrive in Hawaii around 1. march, and hope to get in touch with
people who might help us moving on with our project.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Kind regards,
Knut Gjerseth Olsen
Editor in chief / journalist
Plot Magazine

Know a few Norwegians? 

Know a few Norwegians? 
Kirsten Melcher knows a few Norwegian... Bob Iverson too. Your best bet is to contact Auden Davik who spear-headed the Maui plaque commemorating the arrival of the Norwegians celebrating its 125th anniversary, but your best bet is the start with Hospital Medical records, at Kalaupapa. You can message, or search for names once a club member.Contact me or use the website for more details.If anybody can help leave message here...