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What a nice festive evening we had. I would especially like to thank our Members who are just amazing.  I'm still looking for nice photos if you have any to share.  Upload them via email.   Again, the Board of Directors to be so organized it only took a meeting of invitation stuffing and the mail out was on its way.  Thank you for volunteering your time.  Thank you all for coming out and celebrating together.

My Mother told me a story about "Fastelaun" not long ago.   It was held the same day of The Chinese New Year.  It went something like this:



The show How The Earth Was Made: Sahara near the end of the show, mentions an interesting bit on how Iceland was made early in geologic times. Very interesting... Did anybody see it?

Completed Midsummer Festival 2012 Event on the June 23rd, 2012. Integrated into Events. See Midsummer Festival 2012. Thanks to webmaster Alan for getting the cool video and maps and texts started. Next is a email blast to members....

A BIG Congratulations to the following Volunteers of The Scandinavian Club of Hawaii, Members of the Board of Directors.

Here is the breakdown of The Scandinavian Club of Hawaii, Officers:

Presidents Message: Wow! Another year has already past. Here is a quick look at 2011. One of last years goals (inspired by the board) was to go digital. What a successful year we had; the technology has "ripe" enough to make more human sense out of it.

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