Santa Lucia Frstival 2012

What a nice festive evening we had. I would especialy like to thank our Members who are just amazing.  I'm still looking for nice photos if you have any to share.  Upload them via email.   Again, the Board of Directors to be so organized it only took a meeting of envitation stuffing and the mailout was on it's way.  Thank you for volenteering your time.  Thank you all for coming out and celebrating together.

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The Scandinavian Club of Hawaii

Scandinavian Club of Hawaii Logo

The Club was chartered in 1935, with the mission to further the social and recreational interests of the Scandinavian community in Hawaii through cultural celebrations and festivities, and to promote the exchange of ideas for the development of understanding and mutual benefit between Hawaii and greater Scandinavia and organizes and presents the Midsommer Festival, the Fish Fry, and the Santa Lucia Festival.


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